Pulses The Power of Plant Protein

Throughout much of its history, Crites Seed has supplied, maintained, and custom conditioned pea and lentil seed stocks for the dry pea and lentil industry. Recently, in response to the dramatic growth of chickpea production, the company has become a major provider of these same services for chickpea seed.

Crites has positioned itself at the forefront of the development of new dry edible pea and chickpea varieties through its partnership with ProGene Plant Research (link to the Our History entries for 2002 and 2018 under the About tab). While the dry edible pea industry traditionally has relied exclusively upon spring varieties, Crites currently is expanding stock seed of highly promising new edible winter pea varieties developed by ProGene. These winter varieties offer important agronomic benefits as well as potentially higher yields than spring lines.

Please contact our Moscow, ID Division for seed availability.